8 Ounces of Cold Pressed Neem Oil for Chewing Insects

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Purchase 8 Ounces of Neem Oil
100% Cold Pressed Neem Oil
with Azadirachtin (the component that kills insects)
(Currently this product cannot ship outside of the USA - our apologies)
Two - 4 Ounce Bottles or 
One Large 8 Ounce Bottle
(8 ounces in total)


Make a spray that will kill chewing insects when they chew your plants.
Will not hurt bees and beneficial insects once dry.


Make sure you always purchase 100% cold pressed neem oil
and not a hydrophobic extract of neem.


The later has the azadirachtin removed. Check out the video.


Always test spray your plants with new sprays and wait 48 hours for damage.


You can find great recipes on-line for Neem Oil.

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Recipe and Use Video: