Seed Mix, Sterilizing or Humidity Bags: 10 - 2 mil. 10x8x24 Gusseted Poly Bags

  • $4.95

These bags have many purposes as in the pictures. They are gusseted which means the have a flat bottom. I use them directly to sterilize my starting mix using the microwave. I fill the bag, premoisten the starting mix and microwave it till it lightly steams in the bag.

At 10x8x24 they are quite large and can easily hold 18 quarts of starting mix. You get 10 bags of this size.

I also use it to store my sterile start mix until it is ready for use. If you don't want to microwave your starting mix, put it a bowl and hydrate it with boiling water. After it cools, put it in the bag and store until needed. These two methods kill fungus gnat eggs.

I also use them as mixing bags, where I add my amendments such as warm casting. I also use them for humidity domes on my mushrooms. They have so many purposes!

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