TRG Seed Starting & Transplant Basic Gardening Package (Seeds, Flats, & Cells and 10 Seed Packs)

  • $36.95

We recognize that a lot of people are finding gardening for the first time and others have years and even decades of experience.  We hope that this package meets the needs of all of the above and encourages you to get into seed starting.  We have everything you need for growing your won transplants, including seeds - we also included some of our favorite direct sow seeds, so you have something to look forward to as the weather changes.

This set is also designed to optimize space which is always at a premium regardless of your experience.  Our all-in-one set will let you decide which set up works best for your needs and family so you can expand over time,

This set includes:
4 Flats (these will fit side by side on an average size utility shelf)
1 insert with 24 open cells - 24 total cells for planting
 3.00" x 2.19" x 2.25"
1 standard 6 cell insert (12 units - 6 cells a unit) with 72 total cells for planting 
1.50" x 1.50" x 2.23"
1 medium 4 cell insert (12 units - 4 cells a unit) with 48 total cells for planting
2.38" x 1.50" x 2.26"
12 Transplant Containers to pot up when needed (3" x 4")

You also get 10 packs of Rusted Garden Scan and Grow Seeds which will be our Warm Weather Collection 5 pack and our Cool Weather Collection 5 pack.

Warm Weather Collection:  Table Queen Squash, Ace 55 and Sweetie tomatoes, Early Jalapeno peppers and Boston Pickling Cucumbers.

Cool Weather Collection: Danvers Carrot, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Sugar Ann Pea, Sparkler Red Tip radish and Bloomsdale spinach. 

This package gives you 144 planting cells plus one open flat to use with whatever you enjoy growing in like yogurt containers, existing cells or pots.  Enjoy. 


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