No Room for a Vegetable Garden - Try a Community Garden: Containers, Planting Peas & Broccoli, Basic Tour

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by Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Gardener)

If you don't have room for a garden, try looking locally for a community garden. My plot, as seen in the video, is about 20' x 25' and costs me $40 a year. That is a bargain, as I get an endless supply of wood chips and water and the people there are wonderful. 

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Community gardens have a beauty, I think on we gardeners can appreciate. The picture, to many, looks like a dump and the whole area of 60 plus plots looks like some strange post apocalyptic tent city. Through the gardener's eyes, we see trellises, planting space, creative ideas and an artist's canvas.  We can see what will be growing and blooming and the endless possibilities. It fills us with an energy and excitement many don't understands.

I will be doing a regular series about my community garden. It usually is a about 10-12 videos each year. The first one is a quick tour of my space and I cover many things. I don't go into depth with teaching but more cover gardening points. The goal is to show you a lot of things to stimulate ideas. 

In this video I show you basic container use, an easy way to amend raised bed soil to plant transplants, ways to plant peas in containers. trellising, greens planting and rabbit protection. Lots of ideas for your gardens!

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    cpwjeswbjs en
  • Pressure treated is best when making ground contact. However, pressure treated is just that chemically"Treated"for use with ground contact. I have never seen an “independent” study on the negative health benefits to the use of treated wood in a garden. I am using pressure treated in my home gardens. Personal decision I guess.

    Yvonne en
  • So much information on your site. Went to Lowes, looking at 2×10′s for raised beds. I saw regular wood, and pressure treated. What do you recommend?

    Anthony Tassey en

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