How to Grow Dwarf/Micro Tomatoes Indoors: Featuring the 'Tiny Tim' Tomato

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You can grow tomatoes indoors. They are self pollinating and do not need a pollinating insect to help them out. Simply shake the tomato plant, when you see clusters of flowers and you will get plenty of tomatoes.

You can grow any tomato plant indoors but the indeterminate varieties can grow six feet tall. The lighting systems needed for this are different than a basic shelf setup. However, any determinate tomato variety that grows 1-2 feet tall, make perfect indoor tomatoes. You can grow them right under basic white LED shop lights.

Specialized grow lights are wonderful but expensive. Basic $25 4 foot white LED shop lights work. I have been using lights like this for decades. The ratings on the lights should be 5000+ lumens and a minimum of 5100 Kelvin. Higher ratings are fine, and these recommended ratings provide the right brightness and light color for success. White lights contain all the colors of light in the visible spectrum. The plants get what they need. You can find the needed supplies at my Amazon Shop.

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All the steps for growing tomatoes indoors are in my video. The keys to success are maintaining moisture and using a water soluble fertilizer regularly, more often when the plants are larger, to ensure the plants get what they need.

The 'Tiny Tim' is perfect for indoor growing as the plants will get 12 to 18 inches tall. Plants will get larger with more space to grow. Container size can constrict growth and that may be a strategy to use to keep plants smaller.  Determinate tomatoes tend to produce a lot of flowers and fruit over a short period of time. The 'Tiny Tim' will mature in 60 to 75 days.

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