The Rusted Garden Homestead (The Rusted Garden LLC) Giving Gardens Charitable Fund

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Thanks So Much for Your Support and Donation

100% of all donations given to The Rusted Garden Homestead (The Rusted Garden LLC) go directly to my 'Giving Gardens Charitable Fund' to be used 100% for non-profit organizations and families in need.

Donations are used to build or fund projects related to some aspect of gardening that helps communities. I will provide ongoing quarterly updates, on this blog post, showing how the donations where used to help share our passion of gardening with others.

I created a donation link through PayPal to provide a secure and easy way to collection donations. I greatly appreciate your support and kindness. This button will take you to PayPal. 



A Little Bit About My Giving Gardens Fund

In 2020 I retired to work full time at my homestead and on creating content for my social media brand: The Rusted Garden Homestead. While retired I was looking for a way to give back. I was blessed to find The Community Ecology Institute through their Freetown Farm initiative. The farm, in short, is all about community and gardens. 

You can find more information about Freetown Farm & The Community Ecology Institute here: 

I volunteer at the farm. And I donate on behalf of The Rusted Garden buying greenhouse supplies. I manage growing plants in their greenhouses, I am building gardens, helping tend the 6.5 acres of property, and I recently became a member of their Board.  I really enjoy working with people that share a like passion for gardening and community.

People, over the years, have asked me if I would take donations for the help I have given them through my YouTube videos. Which I have always said no thanks to, but appreciate the thought. It is that ongoing kindness that lead me to develop a fund people could donate to knowing I would use 100% of all donations for giving gardening back to the community in some way. That is how the Giving Gardens Charitable Fund was created and officially launched 6/22/2021. Join me in giving back.


How is The Giving Gardens Charitable Fund Being Used?

(Updated Quarterly & Search Giving Gardens Fund for Related Posts)


June 2021

In June of 2021 our 2nd greenhouse frame was built and we are working on completing it. Although The Giving Gardens Charitable Fund was not active then, many people connected to The Rusted Garden Homestead donated about $1500 through other means to help fund the greenhouse. All the donations are being used for this greenhouse. 


 November 2021

Thanks you so much! Donations collected through September 2021 went to building the Youth Garden at Freetown Farm. Your money purchased cattle panel, wood for the raised beds, fire ring raised beds, over 2 dozen fruit trees & berry bushes, seeds, some basic tools and handful of other things to create a wonder place for children to learn about vegetable gardening. The video provides a nice tour of all the thing you helped us with. Appreciated!


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