The Most Complete Video Guide For Growing Tomatoes & Peppers from Seed Starting to Harvest: A Digital Table of Contents

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The Most Complete Video Guide For Growing Tomatoes & Peppers
I compiled 5 years worth of my tomato and pepper videos and edited them down into this long format video with a digital table of contents. It is best viewed via YouTube. Just click on the time stamps in the description and you can jump to the parts most interesting to you.
This is probably the most complete guide on YT for starting tomatoes and peppers indoors, through harvesting them and all the steps in between. Every step can be found in the digital table of contents. Just click the section you want. I cover all aspects of seed starting, all aspects of taking care of transplants, all aspects of planting and tending, how to mange pests and diseases, how to save seeds and I show you an entire year's growth of these plants. 

Section One: Growing Tomatoes & Peppers: When to Seed Start, Starting Mix, Light, Watering & Feeding 2:05

2:42 When to Start Tomatoes & Peppers Indoors - Soil Temps
3:35 Definition of Determinate & Indeterminate Tomatoes
4:15 Mold, Fungus and Fungus Gnats - Seed Starting Mix Fix!
6:02 How to Pack Your Seed Cells with Starting Mix
6:40 Planting Your Pepper & Tomato Seeds
9:30 Lighting Needs & What Thin & Spindly Plants Look Like
11:45 Pepper Growth, Timing and Heating Mat
13:00 What are True Leaves & What They Look Like
14:00 I Don't Use Organic Fertilizer at Initial Planting - Why?
15:15 Bottom Watering & How to Do It & When to Do It

Section Two: Growing Tomatoes & Peppers: Acclimation (to Sun), Fertilizing, Cup Transplanting Peppers 16:42

17:20 When to Start Peppers Indoors
17:44 What is Plant Acclimation & Generally How to Do It
19:36 Feed & Fertilizing Your Pepper Seedlings
21:15 Transplanting Your Seed Start Peppers into Cups

Section Three: Growing Tomatoes & Peppers: True Leaves & Fertilizing, Purple Stems, Cinnamon Anti-Fungal 28:27

29:28 Review of When to Seed Start Your Tomatoes & Peppers
30:20 Growth of the Tomatoes & Tomato True Leaves
30:50 Feeding Your Tomato Seedlings & Bottom Watering
32:15 How Often to Feed Your Seedlings
32:40 Update on Growth of the Pepper Plants in Cups
35:50 How to Label & Keep Track of Your Plant Varieties
38:25 Planting Routine & Acclimation as Way to Improve Health
40:20 How to Use Cinnamon on Your Starts for Fungus & Mold

Section Four: Growing Tomatoes & Peppers: Cup Transplanting Tomatoes, Fertilizing, Stem Bumps, Tips 41:50

42:00 Supplementing Light By Using Sunlight for Indoor Starts
43:30 Update on the Tomatoes that are 4 Weeks Old
44:20 Bumps on Tomato Stems - No Worries
44:55 Transplanting Your Tomato Seed Starts into Cups
49:40 Watering & Feeding Your Peppers & Tomatoes in Cups

Section Five: Growing Tomatoes & Peppers: Pruning Peppers, No Flowering, Feeding & Progress 50:38

51:00 Pruning Tops of Peppers - How, When & Why

Section Six: Growing Tomatoes & Peppers: Pepper Planting, Container Soil, Basic Feeding, Tomato Progress 55:56

56:10 Planting Temperatures & Fertilizing Tips & Pepper Growth
57:35 Planting Tomatoes & Peppers in Containers
1:02:10 Plating Tomatoes & Peppers in the Ground - Principles

Section Seven: Growing Tomatoes & Peppers: Prevention, Splash Barrier, Aspirin & Sprays, Planting 1:07:00

1:07:05 Growth & Seed Starting Tips & Cup Transplanting Tips
1:09:40 Tour of Pepper Growth in Earth Beds
1:10:20 Why You Mulch and Remove Leaves & Actual Process
1:12:58 Iron Phosphate for Snails & Slugs
1:14:30 Planting Your Indeterminate Tomatoes in Earth Beds
1:17:50 Principles of Mulching

Section 8:Growing Tomatoes & Peppers: Side Dressing, Pruning, Suckers, Removing Leaves, Sprays 1:18:10

1:18:25 Preventive Spraying & Baking Soda & Aspirin Spray
1:23:10 Pepper Pruning & General Maintenance
1:26:10 Pruning Tomatoes, Staking, Sucker Removal Demonstrated
1:31:15 Side Dressing Tomato Plants with Fertilizer & Feeding Tips
1:34:39 Spraying for Diseases - Routine & Tips
1:35:59 Tips on Pruning & Options - It's Up to You

Section Nine: Growing Tomatoes & Peppers: My Harvest, Saving Tomato & Pepper Seeds, Final Tour 1:37:10

Thanks for Watching!

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