How to Use Aspirin (Salicylic Acid) to Trigger Tomato Defenses: Why is this a Good Thing.. Beef Up the Beefsteaks!

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By Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden)

Tomatoes use a hormone similar to salicylic acid to trigger a response called 'systemic acquired resistance' or SAR. This response helps a tomato plant fight off bacteria, fungi and other diseases. This defense response is a naturally occurring internal plant process that can be started manually (so to speak) by spraying your tomato plants with aspirin. The salicylic acid in the aspirin will trigger the tomato's defenses, by mimicking the natural hormone, as if it were being attacked. You can preemptively trigger the SAR response in tomatoes. Why is this a good thing?

The defenses of a tomato are typically triggered when a disease takes hold. Be it bacteria, fungi or a virus, the tomato responds once it is attack. Very often the disease has already taken hold and has spread before the tomato's SAR or defense is triggered and fully utilized. It is often too late by the time the natural response is triggered and in full defensive swing... the tomato is already fully infected. By spraying your tomatoes you can activate your tomatoes systemic acquired resistance response before a threat is present. You set your tomato's defenses on alert and they are looking for a disease.You have beefed up your beefsteaks!

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The theory goes like this... the tomato has its SAR response or tomato defenses activated before a disease is present. All the defenses are acting as if the plant is being attacked. This makes it much more difficult for future bacteria, fungi or other diseases to take hold and get established. It also slows the progress of the potential future diseases. Two good things occur. Your tomatoes can prevent diseases from taking hold and you can have a better chance of treating symptoms that may take hold and show up on your tomato plants. The goal is to maintain a mostly healthy tomato plant until you get lots of fruit from it.

This is not a 100% solution to tomato diseases. It is a method that I can says really seems to work. I have not gotten Septoria Leaf Spot in my garden for several years after having it severely attack most of my tomato plants. It doesn't completely prevent Early Blight, another common disease, but I have had fewer tomatoes get the disease. And the aspirin sprayed plants that got the Early Blight seemed to have the disease progress much more slowly than untreated tomatoes from the past.

What else do I do with my tomatoes to managed diseases? I prune out leaves to allow air flow. I remove 8-12 inches of lower leaves to prevent soil splash. I mulch to prevent soil splash. I spray with either a baking soda spray or a wettable sulfur spray as a disease preventative.  I have been doing all these things before I started using aspirin spray. 

I believe aspirin spray works. It is one significant tool in combating tomato disease. You may notice a thicker tomato leaf. I have had this happen on several plants. You might also get some leaves that curl. This is only cosmetic. I recommend you do an internet search on aspirin, salicylic acid and tomatoes. There are extensive research studies that support this entry. It is very interesting to view the research.

I spray my plants about every 2 weeks with 1 standard strength 325 mg aspirin mixed in a gallon of water. Above is the video that explains the basic process. There is no exact recipe. Just get some aspirin in water and briefly spray the plant down. Good luck!

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  • The phytohormone salicylic acid (SA) regulates so many processes throughout the life of a plant and is even involved in its eventual senescence. However, the SAR response can significantly inhibit plant growth so inducing it with SA can actually stunt plant growth and reduce yields! Many of the beneficial actions of SA actually become detrimental actions with only small increases in SA concentrations. There is undoubtedly benefit in targeted, timely, and measured use of SA, however a scattergun approach like the article suggests may often do more harm than good :(

    Sally Sillick le
  • Sprayed my tomatoes with the aspirin. Only other product I used is Miracle Grow tomato plant food. The plants branches are thin, very little leaf production and the leaves are so curled the branches almost look bare. I’ve never had that with tomato plant food so it has to be the aspirin. The leaves are very thick and leathery as mentioned. I’ll not do this again. Never had a tomato patch look so bad before. Sorry to disappoint.

    Linda B le
  • I would highly recommend NOT spraying your tomato plants with aspirin !!! I tested it on two of my 5 plants and the two I sprayed as directed (at have strength !!) by Gary and both of those plants the leaves just all curled up but all the new growth is just fine…. I would never do this again for sure… I live in San Diego… night temps 60F to 70F and day time is 70F to 85F…. buyer be wear

    George R le

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