A Complete Guide to Planting Blueberry Bushes: Acidity & Two Different Varieties are Key!

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by Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden)

This video shows you how to plant 1 gallon blueberry bushes. I go through soil preparation, acidity, planting and feeding. All the steps you need to get your blueberry bushes established and off to a great start. Two keys... 2 different plant varieties and acidity!

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You need to have two different blueberry varieties for effective pollination. Like varieties will pollinate each other but the berries are generally smaller and problematic. When two different varieties of blueberries cross-pollinate, you get nice large plump blueberries. They also prefer soil with more acidity or a lower pH value. I show you how to best address that need.



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  • I found the best bird preventative was mesh bird netting. They have never eaten 1 blueberry :)

    Louise le
  • just curious — what city are you in? your video informing that my tomato plants weren’t infested & bumps were due to hot weather here in Los Angeles was much appreciated

    da-AL le
  • I looooove your YouTube videos I learned so much. I have a question. For a preventive pest spray can I mix Epsom salt neem oil, baking soda and dishwasher soap. I seen the video with the last three in one gallon sprayer and I was wondering if you can add to that the one tablespoon of Epsom salt just to save time and spray every two weeks. N also can the spray be use on all vegetable (squash, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers). Thanks for your time

    Monica Evans le
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