20+ Seed Starting Questions Answered - Table of Contents: Prevent Common Mistakes & Get Answers!

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There is a little bit of a learning curve when starting seeds indoors but it is not difficult. This video answers 23 questions found below and provides a great over view on starting your plants indoors. The best way to answer these questions is in a video.

Indoor seed starting is also a lot of fun and it will save you a lot of money. I have a full Playlist Series  on starting seeds indoors, starting with light. There are over 20 full videos in the series.

Here are the answers to 23 common questions I get on seed starting. Use the digital table of conference to jump to the answers you want. My Playlist for 2020 Seed Starting Indoors: will give you more details about every aspect of starting herbs, flowers and vegetables indoors. Enjoy!



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0:00 Introduction

0:19 1 What is that green growth on my seed starting mix?

0:55 2 What is the best way to water your seed starts?

1:29 3 Can I just keep the trays filled with water and let it sit everyday?

2:00 4 Should I let my seed starts dry out a little bit on the surface?

3:05 5 Can I grow fully maturing fruits and flowers using these grow-lights?

3:52 6 What kind of lights should I use as grow-lights?

5:12 7 Do I need those red LED light, those blue LED lights?

5:44 8 Do I have to turn the grow-lights on while waiting for germination?

6:23 9 How long do I leave my grow-lights on for and do the need darkness?

8:00 10 Can I give my plants less light when they are larger?

8:34 11 Do I have to acclimate or get my transplants use to the sun?

9:28 12 Is there another way to acclimate my plants to the outdoors?

10:21 13 My cool weather crops are getting plenty of light but are leggy? 

11:22 14 My rosemary and lavender never germinate. What am I doing wrong?

12:05 15 Do I have to pot-up plant and start in small seed starting cells?

13:25 16 Can I seed start mint, flowers and strawberries indoors?

14:09 17 I am growing indoors and they are tall. Can I give them a haircut?

14:50 18 How do I set up my lights and sit the seed flats under them?

15:40 19 Do the peat pellets work? Can I use them?

16:26 20 When do I fertilize my seed starts and how much do I use?

17:50 21 How can i avoid fungus gnats in my seed starts?

19:26 22 When do I seed start everything indoors?

20:44 23 Do I need an elaborate system set up to start plants indoors?

21:23 Conclusion


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