Mother's Day Perennial Bouquet Gift Pack Mug w/ Logo, Bentley Flowers. Root Pouch and Wildflower Mix!

  • $23.95

Well we can't forget our Moms or that special someone.  We are happy to bring our first seasonal offering only available thru the end of May!

Wildflower seeds to plant in the ground for your mother to enjoy year after year and seeds to plant in containers to be enjoyed through the summer and fall. Consider this gift as a reoccurring bouquet. 

My brother and I love the new logo on this mug, and I always says, "A garden wants to give".  These mugs are heavy and high quality.   We opted for the rust colored interior to hide the ugly stains that show up over time! 

Also included is our popular 5 pack of Bentley flowers, one of our newest products, the #10 (10.44 G) 'Root Pouch' fabric pot and to top it all off we will add in .02 ounces (about 1 tablespoon) of our very own wildflower mix.

Thanks for the support!