Hungry Bin a Home Worm Composter *Free Shipping - no additional discounts

  • $369.00

Have you always wanted to compost at home but didn't have the space or time that other composting bins require?  We did a lot of research and found a great solution to both with The Hungry Bin.  The Hungry Bin’s compact and efficient design means that it fits perfectly along the side of the house, in the garage, or on an apartment balcony. The Hungry Bin worm composting system does not require power, water or a sewerage connection like many other organic waste processing solutions. When installed, it has almost no on-going costs other than dropping in your waste.  Now you can save on fertilizer cost year after year by making your own natural fertilizer by composting from your home worm composter and eliminate waste at the same time.
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***worms not included***

Each Hungry Bin Can
o Compost up to 4 lbs. of waste a day using compost worms.
o Deliver up to a quart of worm tea a week that can be diluted up to 10:1 due to its nutrient rich potency.
o Provide a tray of worm castings every 2 to 4 months that can be sprinkled around plants or added to soil providing you natural fertilizer!

Watch how Gary set up his Hungry Bin in the attached video link, it is quick and easy!