**Garden Care Kit w/ THREE Spray Bottles** 8 Oz. of Neem Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Calcium Nitrate and MEGA Seed Cell and Flat Package

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The Rusted Garden Care Kit Includes 4 Products


A 2 Ounce Dropper Bottle of Peppermint Oil 
(Mentha Piperita)


A 2 Ounce Dropper Bottle of Rosemary Oil 
(Spanish Essential Oil 100% Pure)

An 8 Ounce Bottle of Neem Oil
100% Cold Pressed Neem Oil
with Azadirachtin (the component that kills insects)


Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 (approx. 12 Ounces)
19% Calcium and Water Soluble!
Two 16 Ounce Spray Bottles / Two Inverted Spray Nozzles w/ Dip Tubes and One High Output Spray Nozzle w/ Dip Tube and 28 Ounce Marked Bottle
The Mega Seed Cell and Flat Package  

You will be able to start a total of 288 plants in 6 flats and have 20 transplant pots to pot up your seed starts.

This is for the 6 flats (no holes), two 6 cell seed starting inserts (24 units), two 4 cell seed starting inserts (24 units), 2 large cell seed starting inserts (48 total cells) and 20 - 4" transplant pots as seen in the picture.

To finish this off, you will get our very popular American Seed grab bag package that has 10 different packs of American Seeds.

There are holes in the bottom of each cell and transplant pot so you can water from the bottom.

(24 x 6) or 144 planting spaces.

(24 x 4) or 96 planting spaces

(24 x 2) or 48 planting spaces

6 seed flats (no holes)

20 - 4" transplant pots

Bonus Grab Bag - 10 pack of American Seeds 

 More about the oils....

Always test spray your plants with new sprays & wait 48 hours for damage.


Peppermint Oil and Rosemary Oil

I use peppermint and rosemary oil to mask the scents of my plants. This is done to prevent 'bad insects' from following plant pheromones/odors to targeted plants for their life cycle.


Basically the unwanted bugs find your garden plants by scent. You are hiding your garden plants with peppermint and rosemary oil.


I have found it also beneficial at repelling and managing spider mites and aphids.
It has really been effective on my squash and cucumber plants.


A basic recipe for peppermint or rosemary oil is one drop per 2 ounces of water. This is great for small batches. You can use 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of oil per gallon of water. Use just enough soap in your batches to help disperse the oil through the water when shaken.


2 ounces of oil is about 1200 drops according to conversion websites.

2 ounces of oil will make 12-24 gallons of spray
based on using 1/2 or 1 teaspoon per gallon.

Mixed Spray are good for at least 1 week.
Peppermint and Rosemary oil can last up to 3 years.

Neem Oil

Make a spray that will effect insects that chew plant leaves. It will not hurt bees and beneficial insects once the spray is dry.

Make sure you always purchase 100% cold pressed neem oil and not a hydrophobic extract of neem. The later has the azadirachtin removed. 

You can find great recipes on-line for Neem Oil. Check out the video below.


Calcium Nitrate 

This can be used to Stop Tomato and Pepper Blossom End-Rot
Use as a Fast Acting Foliar Spray
to stop and prevent Blossom End Rot

The recipe is on the label & can be found on-line

12 ounces will make
about 12 gallons or over 50 quarts

1 quart costs about $$6-$9 when you buy pre-made calcium store sprays
Make your own and save over $300!

Always test spray your plants with new sprays & wait 48 hours for damage.

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Recipe and Use Videos for Neem Oil