Root Pouch Recycled Fabric Containers - Three #5 (4.22 G) Pouches - 6 Bentley Seed Packs

Root Pouch Recycled Fabric Containers - Three #5 (4.22 G) Pouches - 6 Bentley Seed Packs

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We used these grow bags for several years with great results.  Not only is the Root Pouch a great product to support the root life of your garden plants.  They can be used season after season and their environmental impact is huge. 

There are several reasons these are great for the environment. The first is that these bags are made from recycled plastic bottles keeping them out of the oceans and landfills.  Second, they are much easier to ship then equivalent sized plastic pots which greatly reduces their carbon footprint.  And finally, they are UV resistant and BPA free.
Take a look below to see why we love them.  These have already been used and tested by Gary in his garden, the pictures below are actual Rusted Garden Root Pouches in use.  
This set includes three #5 (4.22 gallons) and your choice or a six pack of Bentley tomato or pepper seed packs.  These can be used for a variety of plants.  They are great for cut and come again mixes, tomatoes, beans, peppers, even corn!  We hope you like them as much as we do.  

Peppers Include ***stamped 2022***

Pepper, California Wonder 
Pepper, Habanero Orange 
Pepper, Jalapeño M 
Pepper, Spicy Salsa Blend 
Pepper, Sweet Banana 
Pepper, Sweet Carnival Blend 
Tomatoes Include
Tomato, Ace 55
Tomato, Cherry 
Tomato, Floradade 
Tomato, Jubilee 
Tomato, Roma
Tomato, Rutgers 
Better for the plant
Better for the planet
Root Pouch fabric planting containers are made out of
recycled water bottles + natural fibers.

The bag numbers are based on nursery standards and are approximate gallon sizes.  For example, here is the approximate capacity of the pouches when converted.

#1 = .92 approximate gallon size

#3 = 2.89 approximate gallon size

#5 = 4.22 approximate gallon size

#7 = 7.83 approximate gallon size

#10 = 10.44 approximate gallon size

#15 = 14.74 approximate gallon size

#20 = 21.32 approximate gallon size

#30 = 32.31 approximate gallon size

#100 = 98.19 approximate gallon size

#150 = 151.47 approximate gallon size

#200 = 204 approximate gallon size


Better for the plant
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