3 Pack of Sprayers: (1) 360 Degree Spray Nozzle, (2) Any Position/Inverted Spray Nozzle and (3) Dip Tubes

  • $9.95

This is a 3 packs of just sprayer nozzles. You get one 360 Degree Sprayer Nozzle (black nozzle) and two Any Position/Inverted Sprayer Nozzles (white nozzles). They come with three 9 1/4" dip tube that will fit your standard 32 ounces bottles. I recommend mixing sprays in 16 ounce bottles as many sprays can't sit unused or they lose their effectiveness. The tube can be easily trimmed for smaller bottles. All nozzles are tested with water before I ship them, so don't mind the paper towel. Slowly pump the sprayer to prime them when first starting.