*** Closeout ***  35 Seed Packs  Lake Valley Combo $21.00 - Only 60 cents a pack

*** Closeout *** 35 Seed Packs Lake Valley Combo $21.00 - Only 60 cents a pack

  • $21.00
  • Save $5.95

We were able to make a bulk purchase to bring you another highly requested discounted seed package!  You will get 35 different packs of Lake Valley seeds as listed below.  There are no duplicates (please note, we may need to swap in a Rusted Garden pack or two to make sure there are no duplicates for you).

1 Arugula
2 Beet Chioggia
3 Cabbage  Copenhagen
4 Cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo
5 Carrot Royal Chantenay
6 Collards Georgia Southern
7 Corn Kandy Korn Hybrid
8 Cucumber Marketmore
9 Cucumber Tendergreen
10 Eggplant (Varies)
11 Kale Red Russian
12 Kohlabri Early Purple Vienna
13 Lettuce Bib
14 Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
15 Lettuce (Varies)
16 Lettuce Salad Blend
17 Melon Honeydew
18 Mustard Greens Florida Broadleaf
19 Parsley Hamburg Rooted Turnip
20 Pepper (Varies)
21 Pepper Jalepeno
22 Pepper Sunbright Golden Bell
23 Pepper Tabasco
24 Radish Purple Plum
25 Radish Sparkler White Tip
26 Radish White Icicle
27 Savory Summer
28 Squash Pattypan Green
29 Tomato (Varies)
30 Tomato (Varies)
31 Tomato Branywine Red
32 Tomato Mortgage Lifer
33 Tomato San Marzano
34 Turnip Purple White Globe
35 Watermelon (Varies)

Please note, these seeds are from a vendor and we do not hand pack these.  The seed quantity is determined by the vendor, not The Rusted Garden, and usually contain smaller quantities then the ones we hand pack.

There are planting instructions on the package but I direct everyone  to the Farmer's Almanac. They are clear and concise and cover all care needs. You can find a link under the Blog & Video tab.

I am only shipping items to the USA,  Australia, Canada, England and India at this time. Use the Codes found above the Check-Out Cart symbol for Discounts to save up to 15%.

International shipping rates apply to all orders outside the USA. I can not be responsible for lost International orders, please select tracking. Sorry.