TRG QR Scan and Grow Seed Collection - Cool Weather Collection 5 pack

  • $7.95
  • Épargnez $3.50

Simply scan the QR code on the back of the seed packet and find out everything you need to know about planting and growing the seeds you are holding in your hand. 

We were tired of the limited information on a standard seed pack. The information is vague and has limited value for most gardeners. Our solution?  We created scan and grow QR codes to provide an instructional video format hosted by Gary Pilarchik similar to his Rusted Garden YouTube videos.

We have created 3 basic QR collections featuring some of our favorite things to grow and eat.  We assembled a warm weather, cool weather and herb collection for everyone. You can buy them a set or individually.  

Nothing beats growing your own garden. Cool weather crops thrive in 40-50 degree nights and 60-70 degree days. It many areas you can grow these in the spring and fall. These are the same seeds and quantity as found in the single seed packages but at a great discount. 

You get each of the following TRG QR Scan and Grow Seed Packs:

  1. Carrot - Danvers (Heirloom)
  2. Lettuce Buttercrunch (Heirloom)
  3. Pea - Sugar Ann (Open Pollinated)
  4. Radish - Sparkler Red Tip (Heirloom)
  5. Spinach - Bloomsdale(Heirloom)

Need more growing info? Scan the QR code on the packet or below! 

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