Pepper Seeds Pimento Sweet (Heirloom)

Pepper Seeds Pimento Sweet (Heirloom)

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73 days. Sweet but mild heat of 100 Scoville Heat Units is possible. Extremely low heat if any. Pimentos are commonly used as the filling inside green olives, in the making of pimento cheese and stuffed to be served as an appetizer. Maturing from green to bright red. The fruits are heart-shaped, have smooth skin, and reach 3½ inches by 2½ inches. Harvest them when they reach a deep, bright red color but are still firm.Heirloom.

'Pimento' peppers are a standard sweet variety that are tasty, very mild (rating 100 or less Scoville Units), and can be used fresh, pickled, or dried and ground. They are the signature ingredient of "Pimento cheese," which is also known as the "caviar of the South."

If you are a fan of green Spanish olives, then you probably already know that the red bit stuffed into each olive is a piece of 'Pimento'. As a point of fact, they are not merely used for their aesthetic properties or to fill the void left after pitting the olives. Their mild, sweet flavor actually helps to balance the Spanish olive's relatively strong, salty flavor.

Peppers can be grown all year long in containers. The best planting time is when nights are 50+degrees Fahrenheit and days are 70+ degrees Fahrenheit. They enjoy the heat.

START INDOORS: 8-12 weeks before night reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
PLANT OUTDOORS: 12-24" Apart
LIGHT: Full Sun

For planting instructions I direct everyone to the Farmer's Almanac. They are clear and concise and cover all care needs. You can find a link under the Blog & Video tab.

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