.2 Ounce (Tablespoon) of Wildflower Seed Mix for Birds, Beneficials, Bees & Butterflies

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A Tablespoon of Wildflower Seeds (no fillers - all seed

Over 30 different varieties. I hand mixed this blend together from various seed packages I selected. They are good for any region in the US. The package contains annuals, biennials and perennials. They were selected to bring Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Beneficial Insects to your garden.

One tablespoon of seed as seen in the picture. It is a lot of  seed. 

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The flowers in the mix are:

Indian Blanket
Birds Eyes
Mexican Hat
Black Eyed Susan
Baby\'s Breath
Bachelor Button
Shasta Daisy
Dames Rocket
Sweet Williams
Tall Cornflower/Bachelor Button
Red Corn Poppy/Legion Poppy
Lance Leaf Coreopsis
Mixed Red Poppy/Shirley Poppy
Wild Cosmos
California Poppy
Black Eyed Susan
Wild Perennial Lupine
Purple Coneflower
Russel Lupine
Plains Coreopsis
Siberian Wallflower
Blue Flax
Scarlet Flax
Drummond Phlox
Sulphur/Orange Cosmos
Gloriosa Daisy

and more!!!