Seed Flats and Seed Starting Insert Cells (Large 6 Count) 3 flats and 108 Total Cells

  • $21.95

These large 6 cell inserts allow you to start any type of seed, including seeds that typically need a larger growing space such as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. 

You get 3 flats and 3 large 6 cell inserts.  Seed pack for size perspective.

The cells (planting space) are larger in these inserts. It allows you to keep your seedlings growing in a single container until they are ready to go outside. You can also use them to up-pot you other seed starts.

You get 3 full inserts in this package. That is enough to seed start 108 plants (6 cells/spaces x 18 units).  Each sell is 2" x 2.25" x 3.25"2.26"

You will also get 3 seed flats without any holes in the bottom. 

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