The Rusted Garden Radish Mix of 8 Different Varieties: 2 oz Package

The Rusted Garden Radish Mix of 8 Different Varieties: 2 oz Package

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2 Ounces of The Rusted Garden Radish Mix of 8 Different Varieties

A special mixed blend of 8 different radishes for brilliant colors, shapes and delicious flavors. They mature between 20-40 days. Reds, whites, round, long and white tipped. 

You get 5 tablespoons of seed, about 2 ounces. One packet is equal to 12 or more typical seed packets. Plenty of seeds for making long rows of delicious radishes. Somewhere between 4500 and 5500 seeds, at a super discounted price.

Planting & Harvesting Instructions:

Plant in rows ½ inch deep. Space seeds along the row with about 1-2 inches apart. A wider space will make larger radishes. spacing. Cover seeds and water them regularly. Plant in long rows spaced 4 inches apart. 

The  selected Varieties:
Crimson Giant
Scarlet Globe
Cherry Belle
White Icicle
Easter Egg
French Breakfast
Sparkler White Tip

For planting instructions I direct everyone to the Farmer's Almanac. They are clear and concise and cover all care needs. You can find a link under the Blog & Video tab.

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