5 Varieties of (Bulk) Radishes - Almost 4000 Seeds: Discount Package

5 Varieties of (Bulk) Radishes - Almost 4000 Seeds: Discount Package

  • $6.95

These are 5 of my favorite radish varieties. There is one tablespoon (the single packs are usually 1 teaspoon) of seeds in each pack which is about 750 seeds of each variety. All together you get nearly 4000 radish seeds. Plenty for spring and fall planting.

The picture shows those varieties planted this fall. 5 selected varieties to bring you a successful harvest over the season. They are the same seeds as found in the single seed packages but you are getting THREE TIMES as many per pack at a bulk discount.  One tablespoons equals Three teaspoons. These 5 packs contain 15 packs worth of seeds... a bulk discount.

You get a packet of each of the following seeds:

  1. Radish Seeds: Cherry Belle - Round Red
  2. Radish Seeds: French Breakfast - Elongated Red White Tip
  3. Radish Seeds: Hailstone - Round White
  4. Radish Seeds: Sparkler White Tip - Round Red White Tip
  5. Radish Seeds: Champion

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