Mega Seed Cell and Flat Package. 6 flats, 6 various seed cell inserts and 20 Transplant Pots with a 10 Pack American Seed Grab Bag Bonus

  • $38.95

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You will be able to start a total of 288 plants in 6 flats and have 20 transplant pots to pot up your seed starts.

This is for the 6 flats (no holes), two 6 cell seed starting inserts (24 units), two 4 cell seed starting inserts (24 units), 2 large cell seed starting inserts (48 total cells) and 20 - 4" transplant pots as seen in the picture.

To finish this off, you will get our very popular American Seed grab bag package that has 10 different packs of American Seeds.

There are holes in the bottom of each cell and transplant pot so you can water from the bottom.

(24 x 6) or 144 planting spaces.

(24 x 4) or 96 planting spaces

(24 x 2) or 48 planting spaces

6 seed flats (no holes)

20 - 4" transplant pots

Grab bag - 10 pack of American Seeds

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