***last one**END OF SEASON SEED CLEARANCE!  Over 100 packs - only **1** available

***last one**END OF SEASON SEED CLEARANCE! Over 100 packs - only **1** available

  • $75.00
  • Save $100

These are the same packs we sell on our store site and include the same amount of seeds on the individual listings!  Less than $.75 a pack!

The seed packs include:
Type Name
Basil Genovesse
Bean Bush - Royal Burgandy
Bean Bush - Blue Lake
Bean Pole - Kentucky Wonder
Bean Dwarft Horticulture Taylor
Beets Early Wonder
Beets Bulls Blood
Beets Cylindra
Broccoli Wlatham
Cabbage  Red Acre
Cabbage  Heading Chinesse
Cabbage  Early Jersey Wakefield
Chard Perpetual
Chard Ruby Red 
Collard Greens Georgia Southern
Cucumber Boston Pickling
Cucumber Straight 8
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Spacemaster 80
Cucumber Marketmore 76
Cucumber SMR 58
Cucumber National Pickling
Endive Green Curled Ruffe
Herb Long Island Mammoth Dill
Herb Chives
Herb Cilantro
Herb Fennel
Herb Anise
Herb Borage
Herb Hysop
Herb Arugula
Kale Premier
Kale Blue Curled Scotch
Kale Red Russian
Kale Dwarf Siberian
Kohlrabi Purple Vienna
Leek American Flag
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce Buttecrunh Butterhead
Lettuce Cimmaron Romaine
Lettuce Ruby Red Leaf
Lettuce Red Romaine
Lettuce Selway
Lettuce Prizehead
Lettuce Salad Bowl Red
Lettuce Paris Island
Lettuce Grand Rapids
Mustard Red Giant
Okra Clemson Spineless
Okra Emerald
Okra Red Burgundy
Onion Tokyo Bunching
Pak Choy White Stem
Parsley Plain Single Flat Leaved
Pea  Oregon Giant
Pea  Little Marvel
Pea  Wando
Pea  Sugar Snap
Pea  Sugar Ann
Pepper California Wondfer
Pepper Jalapeno
Pepper Pasilla Bajio
Pepper Large Red Cherry
Pepper Cubanelle
Pepper Sweet Banana/Hungarian
Pepper Purple Beauty
Pepper Marconi
Pepper Hungarian Yellow Wax
Pepper Large Red Cayenne
Radish Crimson Giant
Radish Cherry Belle
Radish Hailstone
Radish French Breakfast
Radish Scarlet Globe
Radish White Beauty
Radish Champion
Radish Sparkler White Tip
Radish White Icicle
Rutabaga American Purple
Spinanch Nobel Giant
Spinanch Bloomsdale Long Standing
Squash Scallop White Bush
Squash Black Beauty Summer Squash
Squash Dark Green
Squash Coczelle
Squash Round
Squash Scallop Yellow Bush
Squash Early Prolific Straight Neck
Squash Grey 
Squash Benning Green Tint
Squash Spaghetti
Sunflower Grey Stripe
Tomato Yellow Pear
Tomato Rutgers
Tomato Small Red Cherry
Tomato Beefsteak
Tomato Delicous
Turnip Shogin
Turnip Seven Top
Turnip White Egg
Turnip Golden Ball
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