*** The Rusted Garden Journal /Variety Seed Six Pack Seed Combo ***

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My brother and I are excited to bring another new item to the shop.  I talk about the importance of keeping a journal in many of my videos. This journal has a plastic front and back cover to help keep it clean and deal with water.

I use mine to keep track of: The arrival of pests, spraying dates, spray recipes, planting dates, plants I love, construction ideas, new varieties I read about and much more. I find it helpful to have all my thoughts in one place.

And remember... A Garden Wants to Give. We just have to help it along.

Not only will you get the journal you will get a Variety Seed Six Pack of seeds!

We will hand select some of our favorite seeds to round out your order. They will include one pack from each of these following categories: 

Tomato Seeds; Pepper Seeds; Lettuce; Kale: Radish and Squash